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Nick made his first record 42 years ago with progressive rock band After The Fire. Over the years he has had his songs  recorded by Sir Cliff Richard, Karel Fialka, Michael Ball, Engelbert Humperdinck and Jonathan Veira. His solo albums have been eclectic to say the least, his last ‘Big Heart’ released 26/10/2018 was written with the art of American songwriting in mind. His latest due out 30/08/2019 is a fusion of his northern roots ( he grew up in Sheffield) folk and Americana. He is a songwriter refusing to bow out gracefully, he wants to breast the finishing tape with a smile on his face and a song carved on his heart. You haven’t heard of him? He will not be surprised. He has spent most of his life enabling others.
Now perhaps it’s his turn.

Tickets to see Nick Battle live with his band at Half Moon Putney on Sunday June 7

To preview and pre-order : ‘Love Is A Long Road’.

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